August 12, 2015The Nominations are In!
June 16, 2015Join the conversation!
May 1, 2014Media cover Governor's Volunteer Awards Luncheon, award winners
April 29, 2014More than 300 gather for Governor's Volunteer Awards Luncheon
April 18, 2014More press coverage of Governor's Volunteer Awards winners
April 14, 2014Secretary of State Kate Brown to present Governor's Volunteer Awards
April 14, 2014Governor's Volunteer Awards winners draw press coverage
March 31, 2014Governor's Volunteer Awards winners announced
March 25, 2014Registration open for Governor's Volunteer Awards Luncheon
February 27, 2014Governor's Volunteer Awards draws record number of nominations
February 18, 2014One week remains to submit Governor’s Volunteer Awards nominations
January 21, 2014Make Volunteering Your New Year's Resolution
January 21, 2014Nominations open for 2014 Governor's Volunteer Awards
December 18, 2013Statesman Journal report: Salem ranks 7th in U.S. for volunteerism
December 16, 2013More Millennials volunteering in Oregon
August 15, 2012Funding Available to Engage Older Americans in High-Impact Service
June 30, 2010Civic engagement is not for sissies
May 27, 2010The Largest-Ever National Discussion on Our Federal Budget and Economy
April 7, 2010Newsletter: April is a time to...
March 31, 2010Newsletter: Oregon Volunteers can, and you can, too!
February 24, 2010Newsletter: We all get by with a little help from our friends
February 11, 2010Newsletter: Lost in Thought?
February 3, 2010Newsletter: This time, it's personal
January 26, 2010Newsletter: It's a small world after all
January 13, 2010Newsletter: Not-So-New Math: Hope + Action = A Better World
January 7, 2010Newsletter: Ready to Work

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