Apply for an AmeriCorps Grant

Oregon Volunteers (OV) offers at least one grant opportunity each year for AmeriCorps State funding. Additional opportunities may be available for special initiatives from the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) that will benefit Oregon communities. The AmeriCorps State grant process occurs in two phases: AmeriCorps State Formula and AmeriCorps State Competitive.

Please note that operating AmeriCorps grant opportunities below are for a team of 10-20 AmeriCorps members. This Planning grant opportunity is to support the design of a multi-disciplinary, statewide service corps for a team of at least 50 members

If you are interested in hosting less than 10 AmeriCorps members to serve with your organization, please click here.


Programs that compete nationally and are awarded funding for an AmeriCorps State and National program that aligns with national Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) priorities are called State Competitive programs. Those that align with state priorities set by the OV Commissioners and compete for funding at the state level are called AmeriCorps State Formula programs. Formula funding goes to Governor-appointed state service commissions to fund AmeriCorps programs that serve a single state. The AmeriCorps State Formula grant application process solicits applications for this type of funding designed to meet critical community needs in Oregon.

Formula Funding Opportunities

Oregon Volunteers’ Formula funding opportunities are based on CNCS’ AmeriCorps State and National Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). The following organizations are eligible to apply for the 2016-17 Oregon Volunteers AmeriCorps State and National grant opportunity:

Operating Grants

  • AmeriCorps State Formula planning grantees awarded in the prior grant year are automatically eligible to submit an AmeriCorps State Formula application.
  • Current CNCS operating grantees may be invited to apply based on their alignment with CNCS and OV priorities and potential for success in the national competition.

Competitive Funding Opportunities

AmeriCorps State and National grant funding that is awarded through a national competition hosted by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). OV runs grant competitions to select high quality applicants that meet both OV and CNCS priorities to submit as part of our portfolio to compete nationally.

For questions about eligibility to apply, please email

Competitive & Formula Funding Deadlines

  • RFA Issue Date: October 1, 2016
  • Competitive Notice of Intent to Apply Due Date: November 1, 2016 11:59PM PST
  • Competitive Application Due Date: December 12, 2016, 11:59 PM PST
  • Formula Continuation Application Due Date: March 31, 2017, 11:59 PM PST
  • Formula Re-compete Application Due Date: April 28, 11:59 PM PDT

The funding process for 2017 has closed for new applicants Check back in August 2017 for updates on the 2018 competitive funding process and December 2017 for updates on the 2018 formula funding process.