About Oregon Volunteers

Oregon Volunteers is the Oregon Commission for Voluntary Action & Service.

Our Mission

Strengthening our communities by inspiring Oregonians to actively engage, volunteer, and serve.

Oregon Volunteers promotes and supports AmeriCorps, volunteerism, and civic engagement to strengthen Oregon communities.

Our Vision

For Oregon Volunteers:

• Oregon Volunteers is the trusted resource on volunteerism and civic engagement.

• Oregon Volunteers is integral and vital to Oregon's addressing of our state's greatest needs.

• Oregon Volunteers is sustainable with resources and stability to meet its mission.

For Oregon:

• Volunteering is an integral, prominent and essential part of every day life.

• Oregon's 36 counties have strong, healthy communities built and sustained through service

• Public engagement drives government.

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Our Values

Community: Strengthening Oregon through service and volunteerism is the heart of everything we do.

Diversity: Commission programs, members and staff strive to reflect the full diversity of all Oregonians. We are especially attentive to issues of diversity including: race, gender, political affiliation, class, education, geography, interests, disability, sexual orientation, age, culture.

Effectiveness: The results of an efficient, effective, strategic use of resources will further the commissionʼs mission. We will make decisions in line with short and long term priorities.

Mutual Benefit - Gyoto Ryoung: We take intentional action to create a triple win (win 3) – a win for the commission, for our partners, and for Oregon communities.

Integrity: We do what we say weʼll do and only what we are able to do.

Partnership: We invest time in building relationships, honoring diverse perspectives, and creating win3 solutions.

Innovation and Creativity: We encourage new ideas and find solutions to better serve Oregon communities

Primary Program Areas


Formed in 1994, Oregon Volunteers was established in accordance with the federal National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993. It is composed of up to 25 voting members creating a commission of non-partisan, diverse citizens reflecting Oregon’s unique nature.

The Oregon Volunteer and Community Service Act was passed in the 2007 legislation session with the stated purpose to promote the development of better communities by using citizen participation and volunteerism to foster greater civic responsibility. Oregon Volunteers Commission for Voluntary Action and Service is mandated to identify goals to develop and facilitate the initiation of public and private entity programs that will encourage and reward citizen participation and volunteerism.

Additional Information


Portland State University has been a partner and has provided a physical home to the commission since its inception in 1994.