Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service is January 15, 2018

MLK Day of Service reflects a fundamental American truth: "That people who love their country can change it." There are countless ways for Oregonians to get involved and make a change for good this #MLKDay.

Find useful resources for planning your service project or continue reading for more ways to reflect and participate in service events in your neighborhood.


Bending the Moral Arc of the Universe toward Justice on Martin Luther King Day

MLK Day of Service reflects a fundamental American truth: “That people who love their country can change it.” In a normal year, Oregonians throughout the state spend Martin Luther King Day weekend engaged in community volunteer projects that honor his legacy. Since this is not a normal year, Oregon Volunteers, the state commission on volunteering and engagement, encourages those who are able to get out of their homes and participate in a volunteer act, large or small. If you haven’t already, check on your neighbors, shovel the sidewalks of those on the block who are unable to do so for themselves, share a community meal with your neighbors. If you’ve registered to participate in a volunteer event, please attend, or let the organizers know that you can’t get there safely.

For those unable to participate in an activity outside their homes, we encourage you to act in other ways. You can start by pledging to serve Oregon in 2017 (perhaps when the spring thaw comes?). Whether you are an individual; family; educator; corporation or business; or community or faith-based organization, we want to hear from you. If you’d like, we will share your pledge with a volunteer connector organization in your area.

Once you’ve made your pledge, take some time to reflect on the life of Dr. King using the tools and resources that we have compiled for your use. You’ll find activities for learners of all ages. While much work still remains to fulfill Dr. King’s dream, we can be part of conversations among Oregonians of different backgrounds and experiences. In addition to the learning tools, our resource page also includes guides for deepening conversations in your community. Plan a Sunday supper to talk with your neighbors and friends. Find more ideas for participating in MLK Day of Service

Finally, take action to join in building the Beloved Community that he envisioned for our nation. Working and talking together, we can build a stronger state and a stronger nation.

“To see to it that the third Monday of every January becomes a day of hope, renewal and rededication to the ideals of Dr. King, those that he upholds, a day dedicated to the memory, if you will, of a man who campaigned for peaceful change, of a man who stood for human dignity and certainly the fulfillment of individual excellence, of a man determined, committed mind and heart to march, to live and to die for those ideals – America’s ideals.”

President George H.W. Bush
May 17, 1989
Excerpt from remarks upon signing the
MLK Federal Holiday Commission Extension Act

Posted on January 13, 2017.