Oregon to receive increase in AmeriCorps funds

by Jared Paben

Oregon to receive increase in AmeriCorps funds

A significant boost in AmeriCorps funding will support programs throughout Oregon that make our communities safer, healthier, better educated and more prosperous.

The Corporation for National and Community Service announced on May 1 that grants to multiple Oregon programs will increase during the 2014-15 year.

“We are thrilled to continue supporting these AmeriCorps programs that provide critical services to meet community needs throughout Oregon,” said Jessamyn Luiz, AmeriCorps Program Officer at Oregon Volunteers. “This funding from CNCS has enabled us to increase the number of AmeriCorps members serving Oregon by nearly 40 percent since 2012 and will allow us to expand our funding opportunities to even more worthy programs serving Oregon.”

Oregon Volunteers administers AmeriCorps formula funding distributed to the states by the federal government based on population. Oregon Volunteers also administers funding to AmeriCorps programs that receive competitive grant funds.

The following AmeriCorps programs received federal competitive grant funding:

  • Heart of Oregon Corps - $395,000, or an increase of 24 percent over 2013-14 funding, to support 59 AmeriCorps members. Heart of Oregon Corps provides young adults ages 16-24 who are not currently employed or in school with an opportunity to strengthen their community through environmental stewardship. They serve on a crew doing natural resources work for six months while they work toward a GED or diploma, prepare for college and gain work experience.
  • Oregon State Service Corps - $702,000 (same as past funding) to support 63 AmeriCorps members. Oregon State Service Corps, sponsored by the American Red Cross Oregon Trail Chapter, addresses significant community needs in the areas of disaster preparedness, education, public health, human needs and volunteer coordination. They do this through both direct service and volunteer mobilization.
  • Resource Assistance for Rural Environments (RARE) - $190,000 (same as past funding) to support 25 AmeriCorps members. RARE, an AmeriCorps program administered through the University of Oregon’s Community Service Center, includes projects in the areas of community planning, community and economic development, natural resource planning and community food security/food systems.

Oregon will also receive a 3.8 percent increase in formula AmeriCorps funding, sent to Oregon based on its population and then distributed each year to AmeriCorps programs by the Oregon Volunteers Commission for Voluntary Action and Service. In 2014-15, Oregon will receive $1.66 million in formula funding.

The formula funding currently supports seven programs with AmeriCorps members serving around the state. The funding currently supports United Communities AmeriCorps, Partnerships for Student Achievement, Metropolitan Family Service AmeriCorps, Rural Music Outreach AmeriCorps, Confluence Environment Center, Open Meadow Post-Secondary Readiness Corps and Oregon Campus Compact AmeriCorps Connect2Complete. To see more about these programs and other AmeriCorps programs in Oregon, visit our AmeriCorps Programs in Oregon page.

Jesuit Volunteer Corps, a multi-state program that’s based in Portland, will also receive $1.49 million. The program connects people with volunteer service focusing on the core values of community, spirituality, simple living and social and ecological justice. It provides opportunities to reach out to people living on the margins of society and vulnerable places. Its members serve in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

The federal funding to Oregon was part of $205 million in AmeriCorps funding announced by CNCS. Click here to see the announcement.

Posted on May 13, 2014 in AmeriCorps.