Join the movement to honor Cesar Chavez

by Jared Paben

Si Se Puede!

Join the movement to honor Cesar Chavez

In Oregon, César Chavez Day is a day of service. But that’s not the case everywhere.

There is a movement underway to change that.

Each year, Chavez’s birthday, March 31, brings out volunteers to serve their communities and learn more about the important work that Chavez accomplished in the West and around the nation. In Oregon, national service members join other citizens for various community-improvement projects. We plan to highlight them as we get details on them.

Sign the petition

But it’s not an official day of service everywhere. Thousands of people have signed this online petition asking President Obama to designate it a national day of service.

Plan a service or learning project

For those of you who are planning a service project for March 31, visit our resources page.

We also have a page with learning resources specific to planning a Cesar Chavez Day of Service or Learning project. Click here to visit it.

Watch the movie

A Chavez movie will hit theaters on March 28. Our friends at the Chavez Foundation would like the movie to be seen by as many people as possible. Think about organizing a group of friends to see the film on or before Chavez Day. Click here to see a trailer for it. As we get more information on which Oregon theaters that will be showing the film, we’ll provide a link on this site.

Learn more

Click here for more information on the life of Chavez.

Posted on March 28, 2014 in Day of Service.