The Largest-Ever National Discussion on Our Federal Budget and Economy

by Sharon Gavin

YOU Can Be a Part of It - join us in Portland on June 26!

Unless we do something about it, our annual national deficits are expected to grow to an unsustainable level over the next ten years.

Why should you get involved?

Because Washington is listening and wants to hear from YOU. AmericaSpeaks: Our Budget, our Economy is a national discussion to find common ground on our federal budget. We need to make real choices now to ensure that our nation continues to invest in national priorities like education, jobs, national defense, and our country's safety net.

As national leaders work to jump start our economy, rising budget deficits loom on the horizon and threaten the long-term vitality of the United States. In the next year or two these large deficits will be unavoidable as we continue to implement policies to ensure a robust economic recovery. We must begin working today to find agreement on the choices our nation has to make to ensure that we do not continue spending more than we have available. The longer we wait to make the tough choices needed to address the problem of our nation’s budget, the harder it will be to fix.

The good news is that we can do something about it. By planning ahead and making good choices about our future, we can start finding agreement about steps to reduce our deficits in the years ahead. Once our economy is stronger and the recession is behind us, we can follow through on our plans to ensure a strong, sustainable fiscal future for our nation.

Join thousands of Americans from every walk of life on Saturday, June 26, to learn about the issues, weigh the options, and identify our priorities. People will be coming together in communities across the country linked together by satellites and the Internet. We’ll spend the day deliberating about the issues and using new technology to identify areas of agreement across the country. Leaders from Congress and the White House will be there to listen and take our views back to Washington.

This isn’t just a Republican, Democrat or Independent conversation. We aren’t talking with just the rich or the poor, young or old, or any one group. AmericaSpeaks is bringing America together to find common solutions for our country.

Oregonians are invited and encouraged to participate on June 26th in shaping our nation’s future. The choices we make today will determine what kind of society our children and grandchildren inherit 20 and 30 years from now. Together, we can find solutions.

To register to participate, please click here.

Posted on May 27, 2010 in Volunteering, Events, Civic Engagement.